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12 grudnia, 2019

Discus fish

Discus fish hardly ever go unnoticed in any tank. They are adored for their colors, shape and majestic moves. Despite the fact that they have been present in our aquariums […]
4 października, 2019
Jack Wattley

Remembering Jack Wattley

Jack Wattley was a world-famous fish expert, breeder and ambassador of Tropical foods dedicated to discus. Throughout his life and career he inspired professionals and hobbyists all over the world. […]
21 lutego, 2019
Probiotyki w pokarmach dla ryb

Probiotics in fish food

In the modern world probiotics are almost as common as vitamins. They are used in antibiotic therapy, immunosuppression and to treat gastrointestinal diseases. They are available as medical products or […]